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In the corporate world I’m known as an Executive Coach. In that role, I help others find answers to the issues and challenges in their lives. It was a subtle but significant shift to turn this experience and expertise towards the area of my passion: coaching people who are in the midst of significant life transitions, such as divorce.My approach is simple, and powerful. I ask lots of questions, designed to have you think about yourself and your life from different perspectives. Questions that have you look deeply inside yourself to find your truth and your path. I may offer some different perspectives for you to consider, I may even teach you some frameworks or theories which help you think about your challenges. But I do not give you answers. You are the best expert on you. A good coach helps you find clarity about yourself. That’s what I do.

I am committed to helping others live lives of purpose and meaning and passion. Out of this commitment One Journey Consulting was born.


Up until the time of my separation and divorce, I traveled a fairly typical “corporate success” path. I earned an undergraduate degree from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. I had career stints in investment banking, manufacturing and consulting. For the last 15 years I have worked as an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant to major US firms.  
The breakdown of my marriage had me question many things about my life, including my life’s work. Over the course of my 4-year separation, I pursued a rigorous personal exploration (which continues to this day). I emerged from that time of my life with a passion for using my coaching expertise in the service of helping others who are traveling the path of divorce.

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